My Bio

Braulio Polanco was born and raised on earth in the beautiful island of “La Española” on the Dominican Republic side of the island. At the age of 10, Braulio and his brother Tony move to the state of Massachusetts to reunite with their parents.

Braulio acquired a 4 years electronic certification from Greater Lawrence Technical School. He then enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in Plastics engineering from UMass Lowell and graduated with honors in 1998. After graduation, he worked for many industry leading companies including, Kimberly-Clark, Teleflex Medical and Terumo Medical. Braulio currently holds 6 national and international patents and has 7 patent publications. His creativity and innovation has allowed these companies to generate millions of dollar in saving and new business opportunities. Braulio is considered an industry leader and an expert in extrusion, polymer characterization, and validation for medical devices.

Braulio discovered a passion for photography while he was attending college where he purchased his first film camera body (Canon Ellan II). Shortly after graduation, he was able to jump into the digital boom era with the Canon 10D. The advantages of the digital camera allowed him to gain significant experience without spending a lot of money developing film. Braulio began his photography career in Atlanta, GA by photographing weddings and events. His is the founder and owner of Autofocus Studios which specialized in weddings, engagements, portraits and special events. He has photographed hundreds of weddings and created dozens of magazine covers for local magazines in the Atlanta area. He is also a photography and lighting instructor for beginners and advance photographers. His workshops include “Lighting like the Pros” and “Maximizing the Power of Your Speedlight”. His most recent work can be viewed in his new website This website if targeted for the fashion, glamour, models, and commercial industry. He has been able combine his engineering innovation and photography creativity to create a few new lighting modification products that he plans to launch in the near future. So stay tune for these cool and affordable products!