The Team

Braulio Polanco

Photographer & Instructor / website

Braulio is the Founder & Creative Director for Autofocus Studios. He is responsible for all advertising, design, and image editing. He is also an instructor for beginners and advance photographers. His workshops include Lighting Like the Pros, Maximizing the Power of your Speedlight.

Norelys Polanco

Photographer / website

Norelys is the founder of Autofocus Studios and is the head of the entire operations. All artistic, executive and administrative decisions are approved by her.

Edgar Flores

Marketing Manager / Autofocus Studios

Edgar is the newest member to our team leading the marketing department. He is also a very creative photographer who loves natural lighting techniques.

Anthony Toribio

Photographer / Autofocus Studios

Anthony is a creative photographer that has been shooting with us for over 5 years. He initiated his photography career with Autofocus Studios where he gained experience shooting wedding and events. He is currently mastering the techniques of HDR photography.